Green Bikes Bali

Green Bikes Bali offers a new eco friendly way, with our electric bike tours, to visit the beautiful unspoiled side of Bali. With the easy to use ebikes, visitors of this beautiful island can visit areas that before were less accessible for cyclists due to their mountainous location.

Cycling with our electric bike tours makes it possible to do it with as much or as little effort as you choose without losing the fun experience a bicycle ride gives you, cycling quietly through beautiful natural surroundings.

All the staff is from the villages where the tours take place and we try very hard to minimize our ecological footprint and offer an authentic and sustainable tour.

Cycling Guides

Please meet our guides, all are from the local villages through which we cycle with our e-bikes.


Sharing knowledge about my village, culture and traditions has always been my passion and now I can do that while being a cycling tour guide in Jatiluwih


I am very proud to show my village Jatiluwih while on a cycling tour with guests on our electric bikes.


Cycling with these e-bikes through the area where I grew up and played with my friends is just good fun and sharing my knowledge with people from all over the world and learning about is very interesting.


Cycling through my beautiful village, enjoying nature and meeting people from Indonesia or other countries is my hobby.